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It's the spring of 1957 in Harlem where Nate Holt, a former police officer, now works as a bartender at Wally's Tavern. Over the years he has gained a quiet reputation as a man who will take risks and break laws, too, when it comes to helping friends and associates solve problems. But his double-life is something that his one love, Lillian Warren, is completely unaware of. However, when he vows to do all he can to stem the epidemic flow of heroin into the neighborhood, he finds himself facing a series of unexpected consequences.

The Spring of Unexpected Consequences is an suspense-laden adventure that captures the jazz tinged New York City of my youth… with dead-on portraits of the characters, both black and white, in the polarized world of race relations in the late 1950s.

Latin Jazz bandleader - Bobby Matos

“He’s got the bebop chops down and tons of raw talent to match," is said about a young horn player in The Spring of Unexpected Consequences, but could just as easily apply to author Charles Shea LeMone whose new novel dazzles with tension, texture, and harmony in Harlem in 1957.

Author - Elizabeth T. Greer

A Dance in the Street made me fall in love with the zephyr-paced style of Charles Shea LeMone. Corner Pride opened new worlds I hope to inhabit habitually. Now The Spring of Unexpected Consequences has cemented my firm intention to read every word the man puts into print - at least twice.

Author - Georgina Spelvin

About The Author:

Charles Shea LeMone’s writing career was launched in 1993 with the Avon Books mystery “A Dance in the Street.” His last novel “Corner Pride” was a semi-autobiographic story about “growing up on the most dangerous block in North Philadelphia.“ It was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and is being read in high school and college classes. LeMone promises to have two new thrillers in print within the next year.


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Corner Pride
Now Available


Imagine that it is the summer of 1957, in the most dangerous neighborhood in North Philadelphia where two teenage boys dream of having bright futures. One of them, Barry (Bear) Brown wants to be a heavyweight prizefighter, despite the crooked dealings of his manager. The other boy, James (Curly) Wylie dreams of becoming a writer. The question is, will they both survive long enough to see the dawn of a new year?

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E-Zine Stories
A grandmother's dramatic Christmas Eve tale has a lasting influence on her eight-year-old granddaughter.
As he travels cross country by train, a retired college dean questions whether all passionate relationships are doomed to failure with the passage of time.


Corner Pride Is Part of College Curriculum--Article (click here to read)

Reviewer Elizabeth T. Greer: Corner Pride is sociology, memoir, and philosophy spun with the magic of fiction into a novel to be treasured and shared..

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Contact: Mairi Ross . 928-649-5449 . .






Corner Pride is a novel 50 years in the making,” says Mairi Ross, publisher. “We are incredibly proud to announce the release of Charles Shea LeMone’s compelling story of growing up on the meanest gang-infested corner of North Philadelphia. We believe it is destined to be an American classic.” 


Corner Pride is the story of two black teenagers who dream of making it out of their violent and rapidly deteriorating neighborhood. Bear is on his way out through the boxing ring and Curly dreams of becoming a writer.


According to Ms. Ross, it has all the elements of a page-turner: Young boxer on the rise, crooked manager, gangs ruling the streets, poignant love story, feisty mom standing up to the gangs, good families being forced out –  and an ending you’ll never forget.


“Of all the books and short stories I’ve written,” LeMone said recently, “this novel gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction.  It’s a story I’ve started and stopped dozens of times, wanting to get it right. I wrote the first draft when I was twelve years old, trying to capture what had happened in my neighborhood in the summer of 1957.”


LeMone is the author of the highly acclaimed, popular mystery novel A Dance in the Street, published by Avon Books, featuring a Rastafarian cab driver in Los Angeles. For that story, LeMone drew from his own experiences driving a cab in the City of the Angels. He is also the author of several published poems, short stories and romance novels. 


For many years LeMone taught creative writing seminars through an association with the Watts Towers Art Center.  This opportunity took him into middle and high schools throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District. Although he now lives a reclusive life on a remote mountaintop in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, he dreams of one day opening an arts center in his old neighborhood near the corner of Gratz and Oxford – the setting of Corner Pride.



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